Burke Museum of Natural History and Culture

The 18 million items in the Burke Museum collection each have 

a story that helps us understand our world a little better.

Museum collections are key to the story of life on earth. They provide evidence of the life before us, from the tiniest sea creatures to mammals that roamed the grasslands of North America millions of years ago. The 18 mission pieces in the Burke Museum collections each aid in helping us better understand the world around us - even during times where we are physically far apart. 

As we spent so much of 2020 with our museum doors closed, we felt the deep impact of the COVID-19 pandemic.

The Burke Museum has never been more proud to be a part of this strong and passionate community. Thank you for coming together to heal and reconnect. We draw on the strengths of the UW community, whether open or closed, online or in person, we all quickly pivoted so that our mission never stopped.

Your continued support is a key part of this effort. 

Please consider a donation to the Burke this year. 

Thank you. Unrestricted gifts to the Annual Fund make it possible for us to respond to organizational and community needs with agility and creativity, in the process allowing all people to learn, be inspired, generate knowledge, feel joy and heal.

As the Washington State Museum of Natural History and Culture, our collections are your collections. We can use them to learn about the past, connect in the world around us and create a better future together. 

Husky Giving Day Participation Leaderboard
All Areas of Support
Rank Areas of Support Donors
1 Athletics 1,300
2 UW Medicine COVID-19 Response 581
3 College of Arts & Sciences 483
4 School of Public Health 279
5 Foster School of Business 230
6 Undergraduate Academic Affairs 195
7 Allen School 176
8 Student Life 173
9 College of Engineering 167
10 UW Bothell 157
11 Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion 135
12 College of the Environment 131
13 UW Libraries 107
14 School of Social Work 101
15 Scholarships and Student Aid 92
16 College of Built Environments 91
17 UW Professional & Continuing Education 66
18 Alumni Association 61
19 School of Law 60
20 School of Nursing 59
21 Evans School of Public Policy & Governance 57
22 UW Tacoma 53
23 Information School 41
24 School of Pharmacy 39
25 School of Dentistry 27
26 Kente Graduation Ceremony 25
27 Meany Center for the Performing Arts 24
28 College of Education 21
29 Master of Human-Computer Interaction and Design 21
30 Burke Museum of Natural History and Culture 16
31 UW Rome Center 15
32 Clean Energy Institute 10
33 Molecular and Cellular Biology (MCB) 10
34 Senior Class Gift 2021 6
35 FIUTS 5
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