UW Rome Center
Help us make essential renovations to this historic facility

Housed in the 15th century Palazzo Pio, the UW Rome Center offers inimitable teaching and learning facilities to UW faculty and students in an unparalleled setting. The palazzo sits in the heart of the ancient city overlooking the historic Campo de’ Fiori and its bustling outdoor market. 

WATCH: Rick Steves and Director Emeritus of the UW Rome Center, Trina Deines on the magic of Rome at our November 2020 event (Video on right)

The UW Rome Center is UW's home in the Eternal City

The UW Rome Center has served generations of students, offering some of their most valuable and personally transformative UW experiences. It serves 300+ students yearly, hosting more than 30 UW Study Abroad programs from a growing variety of disciplines from architecture, education, engineering, anthropology, business, language, literature and mathematics. Thomas Le was immersed in “3000 years of history of all Roman Engineering accomplishments” and plans to apply such knowledge in his future career as a civil engineer. Alondra Gonzalez explored how Rome has “continuously evolved its identity through art and architecture” gaining a global perspective to underscore her studies in archaeological sciences and history. Experiencing Rome with Palazzo Pio as a home-away-from-home is a unique and life-changing opportunity for students

“It is amazing that we have that facility. It’s a real jewel in the crown of our study-abroad programs.”

Alain Gowing, Classics Professor, 2019 UW Rome Center Distinguished Lecture 

A much-needed renovation of the UW Rome Center is underway

With no students currently going abroad due to COVID-19, the UW Rome Center's renovation has continued with urgent and essential renovations. Critical improvements to classrooms and learning spaces will ensure that faculty may continue to create, and students may continue to experience innovative and transformational global teaching and research in the future. The renovations protect Palazzo Pio's priceless historical legacy and cement the UW's future in the heart of Rome. By 2023, we hope to host 500 students a year at the UW Rome Center. 

Invest in the UW Rome Center's revival and renovation

We need your help to complete much-needed renovations and expand student programming at the UW Rome Center. Make a gift of any amount today and help us preserve the magic of the UW Rome Center for the next generation of UW students.


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1 Athletics 1,300
2 UW Medicine COVID-19 Response 581
3 College of Arts & Sciences 483
4 School of Public Health 279
5 Foster School of Business 230
6 Undergraduate Academic Affairs 195
7 Allen School 176
8 Student Life 173
9 College of Engineering 167
10 UW Bothell 157
11 Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion 135
12 College of the Environment 131
13 UW Libraries 107
14 School of Social Work 101
15 Scholarships and Student Aid 92
16 College of Built Environments 91
17 UW Professional & Continuing Education 66
18 Alumni Association 61
19 School of Law 60
20 School of Nursing 59
21 Evans School of Public Policy & Governance 57
22 UW Tacoma 53
23 Information School 41
24 School of Pharmacy 39
25 School of Dentistry 27
26 Kente Graduation Ceremony 25
27 Meany Center for the Performing Arts 24
28 College of Education 21
29 Master of Human-Computer Interaction and Design 21
30 Burke Museum of Natural History and Culture 16
31 UW Rome Center 15
32 Clean Energy Institute 10
33 Molecular and Cellular Biology (MCB) 10
34 Senior Class Gift 2021 6
35 FIUTS 5
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