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Help students who dream of studying abroad but are held back by finances

Study abroad is a transformational experience. Through global study, students are immersed in new and unfamiliar locations with rich daily interactions. Study abroad is a unique opportunity to gain intercultural competency, self-awareness and global perspectives. Such experiences provide important personal development and highly valuable skills necessary for success in today’s global workplaces.

WATCH: Rick Steves and UW Study Abroad Director, Wolf Latsch on the importance of global travel and international study at our November 2020 Global Fireside lecture. (Video on right)

Help us make study abroad accessible for all UW students. 

UW Study Abroad continues to work towards expanding access to global learning. Past efforts include offering more short-term opportunities, partnering with faculty to diversify programming and working to provide more scholarships. These advances have had substantial impacts, but students continue to face financial barriers that outweigh all other factors with relocation costs, program fees, housing and more. UW Study Abroad Scholarships help bridge the gap, and our vision is to offer a scholarship to every study abroad applicant with significant financial need. A standard $2500 study abroad scholarship is the difference between a student clicking commit or decline on the study abroad program of their dreams.

When travel resumes, barriers and financial limitations will be exacerbated. 

As the COVID-19 pandemic continues, UW Study Abroad is actively monitoring global travel and safety in consultation with experts at the UW and beyond. We are hopeful that study abroad can resume in 2021, and we want to be ready to offer financial support to the many students who need it.

With your gift on Husky Giving Day, we can offer more scholarships to UW students who want to go abroad but face significant financial barriers. A gift of any amount goes directly to a student in need. Thank you!

        1. "Studying abroad has helped me in my future endeavors because it helped solidify a confidence in my identity and who I am as a person. Moreover, it made me realize the importance of my experiences because while it may be something I alone experienced, the situations that I have come across are not. There are many students who are first-generation, indigenous, or experience other adversity in their lives. It made me realize that I am not alone, nor have I ever been." 
        - Jennifer Santiago, studied abroad in Oaxaca, Mexico

"My favorite part of the trip was observing British norms and seeing how much if it would rub off on me in the span of four weeks. The small details paired with the larger societal issues, like the socialized healthcare system and its intersections with social and cultural identities we learned about, made everything I interacted with a learning experience."

- Marquis Wright, studied abroad in London, United Kingdom

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